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Cosmic Sailors

  1. New Horizon
  2. Doodaah Man
  3. Lonely Streets
  4. Who Do We Fool
  5. Deepwater Blues
  6. Eyes of Day
  7. Ghost Dance
  8. Spoken True

1. New Horizon

Sail through the cool of night
Let the silver moonlight be your guide
Catch an ocean breeze and ride
the turning tides to where your secret hides

A new horizon beyond the sky
past a thousand days and
through a thousand nights
A new horizon beyond the sky

Stars drip shaded blades of light
Let the skies above open your sight
Spread your wings and take to flight
Drift into the space where dreams reside


Rising sun awakes your eyes
and touches on a new horizon
Follow trails into the dawn
passing on a new horizon

A new Horizon (2X)

2. Doodah Man

Here comes the doodah man
humming a tune across the lands
many miles he walks while he can
he's the doodah man

Here comes the doodah man
coming fast around the bend
on a path that never ends
he's the doodah man

Doodah man gonna sing a song
and everybody wants to sing along
come and see before he's gone
he's the doodah man

Ain't nobody hum a tune
like the doodah man
A melody as old as moons
sings the doodah man

Doodah man gonna find his way
through the blowing winds
and the turning days
tells his tales
without much to say
he's the doodah man

3. Lonely Streets

Walking in these streets that once held me
Nowadays, it seems these streets just don't want me
All the people feel that they don't know me
And all the women think I'm crazy

But I'll swallow the pride I once had
and eat all the shit they gonna feed me
ain't no use when ya feel so bad
walkin' these lonely streets before me
oh these lonely streets

Livin' in a left-over memory
All them gold days had their end
Just watching the clouds passing over me
These lonely streets my only friend


Sometimes my knees get weak
From walking on these lonely streets

4. Who do we Fool

There's got to be a way
to show the world a place above
There must be a way
to show we've strayed
so far from love
and until that day
there will be no place to go
Listen what I say
plant a seed a tree will grow

Now looking around
What have they got cookin'
Burning forests down
like nobody's looking
but who do we fool?
Ourselves or our creator
What they're turning out
Shall be returning later

Children plant a seed
where the sun will show

5. Deepwater Blues

I bet a dollar
you don't have the time
to hear my piece of mind
My hands are tired
and my feet are too
I got them ole deep water blues
got them ole deep water blues (3x)

So far I've wandered
but still can't find
a place where the sun shines
I'm beat and tired
I've paid my dues
got them old deep water blues (3x)

I need to holler
at a passer-by
just so I can get me a ride
I need an ocean to shed my tears
I need a heaven past these years
and when it's over
this song is thru
got them old deep water blues

6. Eyes of Day

Morning told us what to do
thoughts painted passing thru
into a wordless dream

Sunlight shed light on our eyes
and on the crying skies
that flowed like endless streams

Will time pass
the years that so unfold?
Will you awake
and rise to dreams you hold?
If you could change one thing
what would it be?
So the bleeding morning told
of the years that passed its way
and past the eyes of day

7. Ghost Dance

I have seen grey skies
in strangers' eyes
that passed me by

Oh lord where shall they go?
Misfortune's souls
Lost in the cold

Have you seen my child?
I lost her while the moon was high

The wind cried mournful songs
The child is gone (2X)

Ghosts dance in the fire
and shake the trees before they die

8. Spoken True

And what wind blew time's breath
in stars agate with morning's ash
Lost and found unable to touch ground

Here new day takes life away
but then a dawn is there to stay
on the air the sunbeams lay
reborn and spoken true

Chorus :

Spoken True
Like the sunshine shining thru a drop of dew
Spoken True
Open dreams to find you
Spoken True
Any old thing that you say or do
is forever spoken true

And through the webs the morning molds
come breaths of light that sunshine holds
to make a dream you line with gold
waiting to shine true

Spoken true
like sunshine shining thru a drop of dew

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