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Freesound Rock

  1. Wildest Place
  2. Honey Babe
  3. Ocean of Dreams
  4. Shades of Blue
  5. Watermelon Lover
  6. One is All
  7. Little Girl
  8. Lovely Bright Yellow
  9. Yours & Mine
  10. Blue Moons of Saturn
  11. Land of Love

Wildest Place

Everybody had a smile on their face
there were funky fungus buttercups and good things to taste
colored visions came and disappeared without a trace
and everyone was groovin' to that funky old bass

it was the wildest place that you've ever been too
the wildest scene of all

there were jugglers, clowns, and rainbows to chase
women dressed in peacock feathers, paisley, silk, and lace
psychedelic music blew our minds and we flew past time and space
it was like some freaky dream only that wasn't the case

electric kool-aid had us on the go
everybody groovin' to the the show
cryptical vibrations filled the air
you could feel the music everywhere

Honey Babe

Well I ain't got no honey baby now
I guess you didn't love me anyhow
oh, oh me, and it's oh lordy my
and I ain't got no honey baby now

Well she left on that early mornin' train
I never see my good girl again
Oh, oh me, and it's oh lordy my
and she left on that early mornin' train

I say good girl you ain't no girl of mine
Cause my good girl is ramblin' down the line
Oh, oh me, and it's oh lordy my
I say good girl you ain't no girl of mine

I ain't got no honey baby now
I guess you didn't love me anyhow
oh, oh me, and it's oh lordy my
and I ain't got no honey baby now

No I ain't got no honey babe now x 2

Ocean of Dreams

I could see eternity, an ocean of dreams running free
I said heaven was there for me to see
an ocean of dreams just runnin' free

High mountains of divinity
by the crystal canyons of emerald green
I saw spirits of unity flying swiftly thru eternity
from the distance they call out to me
but exactly what they say is a mystery

Lightning speeds thru the galaxy
shooting stars exploding rapidly
a cosmic breeze sings a song to me
of peace and love from the outskirts of reality

it was like a fantasy
a thousand angels sing in harmony
electric blue sun in front of me
and I listened to the endless symphony

Shades of Blue

Everything is coming into view
My love we've left the world behind
They haven't got a clue
Laughing when the sun comes shining thru
Every time it blows my mind
your love for me is true
True, so true

I dream of you in shades of blue
ultraviolet colored hues
Waking up to sunrise in your eyes
At night we'll watch the stars above
play upon the skies

This is just a lifetime passing by
And I wouldn't want no other by my side my side (2x)

Watermelon Lover

Trippin' on that funky spell you got me under
Slippin' into psychedelic worlds of color
like melons on the vine on the warmest day of summer
You're so juicy sweet, you're my watermelon lover

Watermelon lover you're a lover like no other
My mind was feelin' strange it really made me wonder
what was brewin' in the pot of this mystic voodoo mother
Every time I pick your fruit I have to have another
you're so juicy sweet you're my watermelon lover

One is All

Let's walk into the morning
Check out the sun a crawlin'
I think the tide is calling us to the sea
Love is upon the ocean

Light fills the sky with golden
You'll have this to remember from now until forever
Everything around you comes from one
everything aligns beneath the sun
And that's what makes the whole world spin around
and that's what keeps the sky from falling down

You know our hearts are open because the wind has spoken
and in the silence broken you can hear the trees
Follow the wind that's blowing
the sky is ever-knowing
angels look down from heaven on you and me

Little Girl

I seen you travelin' out there on your own
you've been ramblin' like a rollin' stone
I seen you baby you look so all alone
don't you know little mama better get yourself back home

Little girl where you gonna go now
Little girl where you gonna go now
Little girl where you gonna go now go on back home

oh girl for miles and miles you know that you have roamed
been up to New Orleans you been down to San Antone
all that you really need is a love to call your own
ah when that cold wind blows it's gonna chill you to the bone

little girl what you gonna do
all that hustlin' gonna catch on up with you
ah trouble's all you gonna find
you better move on down the line

Lovely Bright Yellow

Run from the shadows into the meadows
Dance in the sunshine of lovely bright yellow
Out where the wind blows a river of dreams flows
Down by the willows we can all go

Ride on a rainbow and watch the world below
unfold like a red rose whose petals shine gold
Look thru the window capture the day's glow
or sit in the shade where the wishing tree grows

Yours & Mine

I awoke to the sound of raindrops
falling down thru the light of day
Fell asleep to moon on my window
Had a dream where starlight plays

Colors change thru passing seasons
Don't let the raindrops cloud your mind
Everyone is here for a reason
This is your one chance to shine

For now the world is yours & mine
Whisper words to the eyes of daylight
Shades of blue paint hues on the sky
You're a child that's ever-growing
there's more to life than meets the eye

Every soul is intertwined
Every eye who looks can see the signs
For every night that falls a new day shines

Blue Moons of Saturn

Passing thru the galaxy we fall upon the blue moons of Saturn
Laughing at the faces in the distance that slowly call my name
Ring around the moon and the time is coming soon for a revolution

Can you see eventually
the moon turns red and Saturn's life is dead
Oh my sun what will you do?
the moon will change to red on you
The sun will sigh and the stars will burn
and the moon will sigh at the tears we spurn

Drifting past reality will we ever have the chance to learn
Exploding lunar traces dust in space is all that will remain
Ring around the moon and the time is coming soon for a revolution
What will we be eventually
the moon turns red and Saturn's life is dead dead dead
And the land where Neptune was king will sink into the sea
never to be seen again gone forever and eternity

Land of Love

Into a land we gazed so distantly
rainbows stretched across the sky as far as the eye could see
sunflowers all blowing in the breeze
hear the singing waterfall
and put your mind at ease

electric ladies there for everyone
shinin' in a land beneath the sun
inside a magic world of fantasy
everything's as real as it could be

come on ladies let me take you to the land of love
sparklin' lemon sunlight shines on us from up above
cotton candy clouds all fill the skies
c'mon now it's time to take a ride

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